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Eggs effect in a raw food diet for dogs



Are eggs really one of the biggest pathogens for dogs?
Is it really good for the raw food diet for dogs?

Is it true what is published on the Internet sites that you should stay away from putting all its types within eating dogs?

Between rumors & truth ?!

Well at first, opponents of eggs in food claim that it’s one of the most common pathogens found in eating dogs.

Ok, what is certain is this talk dear reader is purely rumors, superstitions words have no scientific basis.

Eggs & a raw food diet for dogs

To know the importance of eggs in the raw food diet for dogs let us identify some of its facts on the health of dogs :

One egg is a complete meal, does not need any food supplement with it to keep the animal healthy and active

as it contains all the essential materials for healthy natural growth

Eggs are a very good source of :

vitamin A
Folic acid

It is also an important fact about eggs that on the enzyme inhibitors,

which is one way or another may cause problems at the level of the digestive system

However, problems can only occur if any type of food is dispensed and you feed your dog only eggs for a long time.

But in the case of several eggs a week, dear reader it is completely safe for the health of your dog.

Egg-albumin will cause biotin deficiency (vitamin B7)

Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you !!

In fact, the Egg-albumin of the causes of biotin deficiency and this information is completely correct as it contains Avidin.

This is a biotin inhibitor, which is one of the most important cellular vitamins in the body,

which highlights its effect on hair and skin.

It also protects dogs from a lot of dog diseases.

But, dear reader, you should know that for this to happen you will need too many eggs

for your dog to be affected by a very small amount.

You can get rid of this, which may concern some skeptical people with a simple easy solution is to cook eggs.

Oh, I have to warn you as cooking eggs make you lose many of its benefits.

Finally, dear, it is likely that you should know that eggs contain Salmonella bacteria, which of course exist only in the raw image of eggs.

Also, be found by the type of eggs and cleanliness.

You can avoid those bacteria in a simple easy way by using organic eggs.

Anyway, a raw food diet for dogs using eggs appears to be such a good thing.


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