10 Secrets about Irish soft coated wheaten terrier


Irish soft coated wheaten terrier, This breed originated in Northern Ireland and was bred mainly as a dog farm. Today it has become a versatile dog for all families, a type that is adaptable to city or country life as long as it gets exercise and attention.

There is a difference in people’s tastes, there are some people do not like the form of this type of dog unlike some find acceptable appearance.

Irish soft coated wheaten terrier Vital Stats

  • Dog species: Terrier Dogs
  • Height:1 foot, 5.5 inches to 1 foot, 8-9 inches tall at its shoulder
  • Weight: 30 to 40 pounds (18 kg – 25 kg)
  • Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Secrets in its Life !!

  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier can adapt to anywhere in homes, cities, the countryside or even the suburbs.
  • If you are in an environment that is constantly fluctuating in the weather, it is never advisable to raise this species as its fur attracts dust and snow and soaks up rainwater.
  • This species is not aggressive or fierce, it is very pet. In fact, you will find him chasing all the little animals and playing with them.
  • Although not fierce, it is a good guard dog as it will bark if you see or hear anything suspicious that happens in its surroundings.
  • This type of dog does not perform well in high temperature and is always preferred to avoid long-term direct exposure to the sun
  • It is a very social species, as he does not prefer to stay alone for a long time, as it makes him crazy and bark
  • Always prefer to exercise every day for half an hour to keep him healthy.
  • This is the best kind of faction that likes to play with kids.
  • Dogs with a strong personality and always need mental stability to train him well.
  • This type of fur needs constant cleaning and combing to reduce tangles.

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