American Shorthair Cat Info and Traits [[Full Guide]]

American Shorthair originated in 1600, or perhaps earlier by the first settlers of Jamestown or even spanish explorers in Florida


The American Shorthair cat is a good friend, a caring pet, and should be connected to all family members.


Medium to large and weighing between 11 and 15 pounds by men and between 8 and 12 pounds by females. 


White, black, blue, red and cream ,plus different shading patterns.

The American Shorthair once used to drive rats and vermin away from food, also has hunting expertise for animals that are unsuspecting. She loves learning tricks and exercises her mind with puzzles and electronic toys as a knowledgeable, reasonably healthy feline.



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She’s adaptable, making her the right accompanying partner. Though the American shorthair does not like to be worn and is fairly independent, even though she loves attention from her staff, including children. She could perhaps curl up in your lap, but she might always sit next to you. She should feel comfortable with a cat-friendly dog, but, with pet birds and other small animals her pushing instincts may take over.


The American shorthair is a warm, healthy breed. There have been some instances of hypertrophic heart disease, but it is unknown whether the condition is hereditary. Their flat face makes the breed more prone to eye and respiratory problems. You are genetically prejudicial to oral and gum diseases and raise the chance of obesity through the laid-back disposition. Reputable breeders are thoroughly tested to prevent genetically modified cats from breeding.


America’s shorts originated in 1600, or perhaps earlier by the first settlers of Jamestown or even Spanish explorers in Florida, from other domestic shorthairs carried over on Mayflower. A 1634 publication credit these household shorts to save New England from squirrels and squid. They were seen on the first American cat exhibition in 1895 and in the year 1906 they were accepted as a founding species by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

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