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Border collie blue merle -Facts To Know[Full Guide]

Border collie blue merle is one of the smartest dogs with very old roots. His work ethic and energy are not insignificant



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Border collie blue merle is one of the smartest dogs with very old roots. His work ethic and energy are not insignificant.

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The blue color is rarest for coat collie Border. Dogs with this color can only be produced if they carry the dominant Merle gene.

Well, who breeds this species knows this very well, he sees it every day, Anyway, let’s find out more facts about Border collie blue merle.

5 Facts About Border collie

Border collie Genetics

Genetics from science is rather difficult to study, whereas if we talk about it in this particular genre, it may be more complicated to speak.

This is due to the scarcity of the dominant gene in this species, which at the same time is considered a dominant gene on other genes.

According to Dr. Buzhart, the color of the dog’s coat is mainly of two colors – black and red.

Things to be Aware Of

Be careful when buying a Collie or any dog that has a gene merle of the most important things to take into account and this for several reasons.

Studies have shown that a gene that produces lighter colors with longer wavelengths can lead to a dog’s hearing loss as a congenital deafness.

Which Colors are These?

Colors intended for suspicion of pregnant with a congenital deafness include:

  • piebald
  • roan
  • merle
  • white

The mood of the dog, Does it affected by the presence of one of those colors?

Border Collie Temperament

Although it has been shown that the color has a strong relationship and is directly related to the dog’s congenital deafness, studies have not established or denied the color of the coat with the dog’s mood.

Dr. Corin, who holds a doctorate, points out that while talking about the color of dogs and their relationship to several problems, myths and gossip abound.

Scientists agreed in this regard that sound socialization has a positive impact on most dogs to grow up and be in good health without any health problems.

Blue Merle’s Overall Temperament

According to a report published by the American Kennel Club, Border Collie is considered one of the most highly active breeds, and in terms of grazing is one of the best grazing dogs in the world.

In fact, the value of the Collie dog worldwide remains great as it serves as the first assistant on the American farm.

Intelligence and Training

If you are an experienced breeding dog, this type is highly recommended because of its intelligence and ability to accommodate orders.

Border Collie is always keen to please its owner, but it can be a bit naughty and random in his actions if you don’t control him.

A friendly dog, suitable for breeding in a house with children or any other pet, in addition to being a grazing dog in the first place and certainly suitable for farm uses.

Training a Blue Merle Border Collie

One of the best news is that early training for this type of dog can help eliminate the annoying behavior that may result from not controlling the dog as we mentioned before.

But what is the way to keep your dog healthy?

Well in the case of nature is a species of good health, but in any case, you may need some training and exercises to maintain their overall health at the highest level

It is always preferable that your dog does not get bored so that his health does not deteriorate because of his bad mental condition that he may go through without feeling.

Helping Hands

Border collie blue merle

Let them help you with the housework !!

Well, it is a scientific fact that this type of dog is very helpful and likes to help and is one of the great things in this type.

Many owners of this type train their dogs on household chores, which may seem strange, but they can be sorted like washing, taking out the trash or even putting dishes in the dishwasher.

Of course, Border Collie can, it all depends on you, if properly trained at a suitable age will inevitably come to a positive result because it is well-educated, and the opposite will happen if you show little interest in its upbringing.

Blue Merle Border Collie Health

You are now aware that color may have an effect on certain vital functions in your dog.

According to the Collie Society, there is a possibility that there are a few causes of genetic deafness.

Recent research by the association has shown that congenital deafness in both is higher than other strain if the head is white or the eyes are blue.

Genetic Health Issues

Dogs are generally susceptible to genetic diseases regardless of their color or any other filtering out, well we can say that this species is no exception.

In addition to hereditary deafness, the Blue Border Collie can be susceptible to the following diseases:

trapped neutrophil syndrome.
collie eye anomaly
renal atrophy
neuronal ceroid
hip dysplasia

Summary of Your Blue Merle Border Collie

This type of dog is really beautiful inside and outside, but this does not necessarily mean that it is suitable for all people.

The color of the dog has not been scientifically proven to be related to the imbalance of the dog ‘s mood and constant variability, often the cause of the owner of the dog itself and its upbringing.

But according to research published in the color of the dog and somehow related in parallel to the dog’s health.

Because of Merle, a blue dog can be more susceptible to congenital deafness.


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