“Cat Grooming” Tips & Tricks


It’s ‘Cat Grooming’ yaaaaa. your cat is happy because it is a clean cat, let me help you to make your cat happy.

We will almost talk about everything here. Nils, eyes, teeth, skin, fur, and ears make them clean and healthy.

Watch out: There are some cats fights the grooming process, if your cat does this please go to a professional groomer.
We will start with Skin and Fur Care

Cat Grooming & Bath

If it is very dirty, you should give it a bath, but be careful cats not like water so make it a gently path, in usual clean it with grooming tools.

Brushing it

Two brushings per week, to remove dirt, grease, dead hair from her coat, skin flakes and stimulates blood circulation to brush your cat.
Do this and you’ll find it healthy and you’ll find that regular sessions are helpful for your cat age.

Skin Problems

When your cat responds with excessive scratching, chewing or licking it means that there a problem with the cat skin.

It may be caused by external parasites and allergies to seasonal changes and stress.

If you find it like that directly visit veterinary to treat the reasons for skin problems because it is one of the most common reasons cats’ parents seek veterinary.

Cat hair

Minimize your cat hair by steady grooming process do that and minimize the disturbance of falling the dead hair.

Don’t worry it is a natural process, please visit the veterinary when you see any bald spots in your cat’s fur or if you note any loss of the cat hair it may be a health problem.


Twice or once per week help your cat to get a clean ear, it helps your cat to hear the sound from long distance across the house.

Clean it from infection, wax, dirt, and debris.

Paw and Nail

every ten days to two weeks in a quiet place gently trim its nails by taking one of your cat’s paws, but be careful all of your cat’s claws should not trimmed at one time.

And you know that cats need to scratch so they need their feet to be healthy, so don’t miss the examination for the paw and nail to make sure that they are clean.


The cat’s mouth healthy is one of the most important things for cats because if there is something wrong you will find that has badly affected in many other things such as feeding, playing and other things.

So, you should take care of teeth, tongue and gums keep the cat’s mouth clean and the teeth make sure that keep it sharp and healthy, please visit the veterinary when you see any harm in it and don’t forget to check it’s up always.

Cat Grooming & Eye

The charming thing in the cat must have a high level of careens don’t ignore a special examination for it, and we will take about it in detail.

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