Foster a cat is the pleasure


When you foster a cat it will be the best thing you could do you will enjoy too much and learn a lot of important thing not just about cats but about life itself.

If you do not do it you lose pleasure, but of course, you have a reason to not do it. Here we will try to explain and analyze your reasons to make sure that you will get it right.

What I will gain from foster a cat?

Maybe you ask yourself that, in fact, you will gain too many things such as responsibility, mercy, pleasure.

You and your family will learn to be responsible for a kitten responsible for feeding, cleaning, nursing and playing with it.

You will be merciful to not just the cats but to everything, that will make you in an endless pleasure.

” I am convinced but still have my reasons ” you will say, ok let us talk about the reason.

Your reason: my home space is small to get a kitten.

Actually: look to the kitten size, you will realize that you just need a little place to take care of it.

Your reason: I am already having a pet in my house.

Actually: if you worry on the little kitten not to be touch by the other pet, don’t worry because it does not take a big place so

you can put it into a small room or room corner, and the other bet will not reach to it until it grown up and be strong and in a good health.

Your reason: I will be linked to the kitten.

Actually: it is great to know that you part of something good like that and you will fill a great comfort

that you bass the responsibility, mercy, pleasure to other one to learn what you already learned.

And you should know that is mean a new start with a new kitten to take care of.

Your reason: feeding, cleaning how I will train it to do its stuff

Actually: you won’t train it to do anything, kitten born and by primitiveness it knows that staff

all you should do is to take care that you provide things like good food, clean water, a clean place to sleep and things like that and let it do the rest.

Your reason: I don’t have spare time, my job is taking me all the time

Actually: it is only a few weeks that all you want to spend in care the kitten, and  you will find that the little kitten is in a good health and it can help itself

in the feeding, then if you really have no time at all you can give it to another home

and you will be sure that it will live a good life because what you do with it.

Your reason: I have time but I haven’t any money to foster a cat.

Actually: all you really need is just foster a kitten and you will find too many associations that will help you in the foster cost just start it.

Your reason: I’m afraid of my kids don’t like that.

Actually: that the main reason that make you must start foster

your kids will love that and will teach them to be responsible of feeding, cleaning, nursing and playing with the kitten,

your home will turn up to the state of happiness and you will not be able to give it away.

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