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Congratulations! you have recently added a friend to your family. We know you’ll be happy to have your cat in your home. These are some steps to help you to take care of your cat. especially cat nail care.

Cat nail care

Ideally, you ought to introduce your cat to nail cropping once she’s a kitten. opt for a chair during a quiet space wherever you’ll be able to well sit your cat on your lap.

Get her once she’s relaxed and even asleep, like in her logy, after-meal state. lookout that she isn’t ready to spy any birds, wild animals or action outside close windows-and confirm no alternative pets area unit around

The best food

In “Guide 101 on cat nail care and other” we recommend to bay for good-quality and brand-name cat food.

Your veterinary doctor will be able to assess your new cat and determine the best food. things such as age, activity level and health make a change in what and how much a cat should eat.

For heart and eye health, cats require amino acids. The food must be balanced for your cat.

Fresh and clean water things You must to provide at all times, wash and refill bowls water of your cat daily.

baby food which contains onion or garlic powder could be poisoned for your cat, read instructions carefully.

Grooming your cat

You should brush your cat with a fixed time knowing that a lot of cats stay clean, but you should do it to minimize the hair quantity that cuts down on the incidence of balls of hair.

Best way to carry your cat

Place one hand behind the front legs and another under the hindquarters if you want to pick up your cat. Lift gently. Don’t use the clothes to pick up a cat or carry it from the legs.

Cat home

Clean and dry place pet should have for her own in your home to sleep and rest. Make the bed soft and warm. If you care about your cat keep it indoors. Outdoor cats are at many risks such as cars, fights with other cats, raccoons, fleas and dogs so it does not live as long as indoor cats.

Important for outdoors

If it is necessary to let your cat get outdoors, you must put an ID tag and a safety collar on it. The collar will allow your cat not to be loose but gets the collar caught on something. An ID tag can help your cat to return if it lost.


Make sure you cover the outer nail and any sharp thing maybe causes wounds to your cat because cats need to scratch.

To not harm for both you and furniture cut your cat’s nails every two weeks and that will keep your cat’s nails relatively blunt.

The veterinary doctor

Examinant Your cat should be at least once a year by the veterinary doctor and do not miss annual shots, and immediately if it is sick or injured.

Medicines by the veterinary doctor only

Only the veterinary doctor allowed to give your cat medication. If you suspect that your animal has ingested a poisonous substance, call your veterinarian

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