Halloween and Pets – Safety First


What a beautiful Halloween night, joy and bright colors everywhere. But does your pet see it the same way or does it have another opinion?

Candy, exotic costumes, tricks, and candy are all things that can create disturbances or fear for your pet.

Well, the recurrence of the problem has helped scientists and veterinarians come up with a set of advice that would be best followed on that day.

Make Halloween happy and safe

  • Staying indoors during the celebration, as the variety and fashion of pets makes them always nervous and scared.
  • Well on this busy day in the streets, if you take out your pet with you to celebrate, always make sure you have a personal identification collar in case you lose it.

We talked in the above about what your dog should not eat and was talking about sweets or chocolate.

  • You should keep him away from eating such things in order to keep him healthy and to avoid any damages such as vomiting and diarrhea.
  • “Candy or trick” Well this is a little earlier than the bell rang at home.
  • You should know that whatever your dog gets used to the sound of the bell, it can get hurt because of hearing too much on this day. Your role here is to train him well before Halloween to avoid the problem.
  • Try to be as simple as possible in the holiday, as pets do not like the restrictive movement of the species around the neck or elastic head.

At the health level, wearing costumes depends on not having a detrimental effect on it, so consult your veterinarian before you start

The above ensures that most pets will have a happy Halloween without any problems.

But if your pet is still scared or confused by sounds, costumes, or even tricks that day, it is possible, after consulting a specialist, to use a calming wrap.

These tools protect dogs and cats from the effects of stress and panic caused by what may happen in Halloween.

Happy and Safe Halloween For Everyone

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