Is rawhide deadly for dogs?


You may ask, Is rawhide bones bad for dogs?

We all know how much dogs like to chew, and we always try to guide this behavior until it is done properly.

Here, the answer to this question is the basis…

Do dogs need to chew rawhide bones?

Of course dear, chewing is an innate thing in a dog of any kind, gender or age.

When he chews shoes, carpets, or furniture, he does so because that is his instinct.

As for giving it to him, this is better to curb his desire to chew.

What is rawhide?

Manufactured mainly from raw skins of animals such as cattle, pigs, etc., and are dried and prepared to be fit for dog consumption.

These come in different shapes and flavors.

Why some of them are harmful to the dog?

Well, it is up to the manufacturers where it varies from company to company

in terms of quality and chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Is it removed after the end of its role in the process of industry, in other words, was the washing and cleaning of these good chemicals?

As for the resulting damage may be:

  • Bacterial infection of the dog may occur
  • The dog may suffocate if he can swallow all or part of it

What takes into account when assessing their quality

There are many things to consider when assessing their quality and whether they are fit for your dog to use.

Well, we will mention the most important criteria to consider when evaluating them before they are presented to your dog:

  • Check whether the manufacturer of the product exists and whether it has a precedent in cases of poisoning due to one of its products or not??
  • Look at the size and evaluate it based on the average size of the product
  • Monitor and track how well your dog accepts the product in terms of chewing

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