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Kangals breed is tall dog with a good bone structure, the Kangal breed. Due to its use as a working dog, particularly in Turkey


The dog is named Kangal, the dog Karabash and the dog Kangal. While you haven’t heard of these puppies, at some point, you certainly would have seen them: boy, they stand out. These Kangals breeds are bigger and more impressive than most dogs and can even be friendly for children because they work great for cattle.

Specific details about Kangals breed

A tall dog with a good bone structure, the Kangal breed. Due to its use as a working dog, particularly in Turkey, its dimension has evolved. The dog normally has a sleek tail and is longer than average.

The Kangal Dog has a short, dense double coat for a number of purposes. First and foremost, it’s strong enough to shield these puppies, when they clash with a bear, from predatory attacks. Kangal dogs are known as wolf killers and certainly should be reputed for them.

Usually, the hair is white to brown, and the dog has a black muzzle and paws. Clothing also lets them regulate temperature and makes the air cold while the air is hotter and colder.

Although certain breeds like the pitbull are known to be powerful, they do not have anything to do with the Kangal. A bite force of the Pitbulls is around 235 kg/inch while the bite force of the Kangal measures 700 kg/inch, triple the force of a pitbull!

Kangal ‘s dogs are not only fast dogs with an incredible dice force. You can run up to 30 km an hour (or up to 50 km an hour).

Kangal dogs are very large, up to about 130 pounds, breed breeds. Dogs that are larger typically have a short lifetime, but Kangal can live to approximately 15 years.

Kangal dogs are typically quick pups. When they are around 2 years old they learn to defend cattle and other animals and also learn from their parents. Usually, they patrol to keep the herd secure in pairs or in small groups.

History of Kangals Breed

Kangals dog
Kangals dog

The Kangal dog race in Turkey has been largely established. It is an old flock-preserved breed of dogs, which can be related to the dogs in Assyrian art. The dogs were originally from the Kangal district of the province of Sivas in central Turkey, and for that reason, this dog breed is named.

The dogs were associated with the Aga of Kangal, a family of excellent farmers, but peasants still raised the dogs for a long time and maybe the primary breeding ground for Kangal dogs. You use it to shield the sheep and goat flocks from wolves.

Along with its ethnic roots, the dog Kangal is considered the national dog of Turkey. The dogs are carefully grown with stemming pedigrees that have made the dog look and behavior rather homogenous. The dogs were also shown on coins and stamps.

Via David and Judith Nelson, the Kangal dog came to America and learned the dogs while staying en Turquía. The first puppy was introduced in 1985. Turkey has then, preserving the purity of the bloodline, closely supervised the export of Kangal dogs.

The Kangals breed was also used in Africa for the protection and preservation of cheetahs. In areas such as Namibia and South Africa, farmers killed cheetahs who threatened their cattle. Then, 500 Kangal dogs were trained by the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). Such dogs defend cattle flocks and livestock from cheetahs, thereby destroying fewer cheetahs.

Many Kangal dogs in Turkey wear peaked necklaces. They have been invented in ancient Greece and are meant to shield the throats of dogs from their adversary, the wolf. Flocks that Kangal dogs protect are common threats to the flocks. We normally strip them down, turning their shoulder until we head to their hind legs or their neck to bring down the dog.


Kangals dog
Kangals dog

In a lot of space, Kangals breed must be trained. They don’t do that much for houses, as inside they ‘re idle. A wide garden or a wide acreage is suitable for them. Unfortunately, the Kangal dog knows no ground boundary or activity, and carers should have enough lead for pets.

Mental stimulation is required for Kangal dogs. They will police their properties as working dogs to protect the wildlife. Dogs kept in a family instead of working dogs require mental stimulation, or are more difficult to deal with. Regular walks or runs are necessary to maintain their health and relaxation as well as the socialization of their land.

A Kangals breed temperament is close to that of other animal wards: protective and loyal towards its human family and wildlife. Although predators and strangers prefer to intimidate them, they take a stand and attack as necessary. The Kangal dog sees his owners as part of his family. As for most breeds. The primary goal in teaching is to ensure that the Kangal dog is guided by the actions of humans.

Kangal dogs are gradually evolving. Typical as they begin to practice defending comportements, they are around two years old. They tend to be timid in their early years, a feature that is adorable to many. They are normally chewers and diggers. Fences must be large and stretch out into the ground to ensure that your Kangal can’t break out.


Kangals breed
Kangals breed

While the Kangals breed has traditionally fed scraps of farmers, including goat milk and potatoes, they are patrolled around, it has not been an equal diet. High-quality retail dog food that has been specially developed for large active dog breeds is the best way to feed your Kangal puppy. In the USA, you should look for a full and balanced declaration from AAFCO in your bag.

Others will feed their Kangal dogs with their raw food diets. Although dogs can thrive on such a diet, it should be taken care of for a variety of reasons. First, pathogens are most likely when a raw diet is fed, which can sick the dog and humans. Feeding bones can also crack teeth and cause damage. It is also essential to eat a healthy diet if you want to eat a raw diet.

Is it nice to raise Kangals breed?

Kangal dogs can deliver good pets, but in order to survive, they really need a “work.” Typically these dogs are loyal to their families, but they can not trust strangers. They usually do better with families with babies, but they may need a little workout rather than a family. Any sort of property you have, these dogs will have a wide fence in order to keep it safe.

Kangal dogs are a really nice traditional dog breed in their work. They are impressive and have the strongest dick force of any dog breed, but they are not aggressive. Basically, they are major family members when mentally excited, worshiping children in the family in general, and defending animal flocks from the threat.

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