My Dog is Scared of Other Dogs – Causes and solutions


You may have asked yourself one day “Why My Dog is Scared of Other Dogs?”.

Why cuts his ear puts his tail between his legs and tries to escape from other dogs?

Do all dogs have to do this or is it just my dog?

Well at the beginning you must know dear reader that what your dog does is the instinct to stay,

which is instinctive in all organisms that always try to stay away from risks.

The problem that may occur is to increase this to the extent of fear sometimes of any other organism such as cats where it turns into a phobia.

Socialization – the first reason

Keeping away from the rest of the animals in the genesis of the animal is one of the main causes of phobias.

It starts to happen if the dog has been raised elsewhere away from his siblings.

Since he may not have seen or dealt with any other dogs throughout his life, which made him not know how to deal with the structures of his race.

Trauma – the second cause

To answer this “Why My Dog is Scared of Other Dogs?” You should be aware of your dog’s experiences.

Growing up as a puppy with larger dogs may have led to harsh experiences because of the different ages and the severity of dogs older than him.

Passing through these experiences may generate a node in dealing with other dogs

or may show aggressive behavior, whether at a young age or older.

The owner of the dog – the third reason

Some may mistake and think that beating the dog and forcing him to deal with other dogs or even talking quietly

may give the desired positive result, In fact, what is happening is the exact opposite

because the dog’s relationship deteriorated further with other dogs or even with its owner.

So, What’s the solution?

Receptivity is the basis of psychotherapy for any organism. It is always important to have a trustworthy and safe dog.

  • You should not strain your dog with what he does not want to do as this may make him lose confidence in you and enhance his fear.
  • If he is afraid of approaching another dog, talking to him calmly and hugging him is always important and gives positive results.
  • You should pave the way at the beginning, make him watch videos of other dogs for a while to familiarize them with their shape and actions.
  • Walk the dog on fairly sophisticated streets to avoid dealing with stray dogs while at the same time seeing dogs from a distance.

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