‘pet floor’ for dogs, cats, reptiles in US government university


A US government university recently set up private pets and bedrooms for pets and birds.

The University of Edinburgh admits students to bring their cats, dogs, and rodents to the campus.

Students -according to press reports- are allowed to bring pets of various kinds, such as birds,

dogs or cats, by providing accommodation in the dormitories of the campus.

It is essential that the weight of the pet or the bird accompanying the student should not exceed 40 kg.

As a second condition, the animals must be vaccinated and incubated against serious infectious diseases.

Also for general rules to take a pet on campus, certain species are not allowed to be taken to the campus.

It is also a controversial rule that no noisy animals are allowed as any pets that evoke trouble and

shout loudly may cause discomfort to others on campus.

Pet washing in the US government university

The University has installed a pet washing station, according to The Times magazine reports, as a sign of the university’s interest in this matter.

Reports also say that interest in the service is gradually increasing as the group that knows about it is not large but is increasing day by day.

Reports also say that the proportion of subscribers to the service is expected to increase in the coming days.

“We had a lot of requests for reservations this year, but most of the students did not pursue paperwork,” said Stacey.

The vice president of university student affairs. “The pet is expected to increase this spring.”

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