PetSmart Black Friday-Get Ready


PetSmart is one of the first retailers in the United States. It proudly offers the finest Halloween costumes for 2019.

PetSmart Brief

Let us take a simple overview of the nature of this company and what its products are?

It was established on August 14, 1986, the present value of PetSmart according to the last count is US$6.916 billion (2014).

Dog, Cat and small pet products

PetSmart owns a group of companies that produce food and pet accessories and thus provide the best always in canned food and wet foods and grains.

Horse products

The company recently added a special section for horses including saddles, halters, bridles, saddle pads. In addition to food and drinks for horses only.

Hotel For Pets

Engineer David McTellerer built the first pet hotel in Arizona, and the company bought the idea from the engineer and annexed it.

PetSmart Fashion

It is well known to all that PetSmart has a special line of pet fashion that distinguishes it from others.

The company has several departments according to different types of pets and each section has a full fashion line.

Dog and Cat Costumes Line

Dog costumes vary from winter clothes such as jackets, woolen clothes and rain-proof clothes that protect the dog from cold and rain.

And summer fashion, which is characterized by lightness and elegance, which is suitable for travel or summer trips where it adds an aesthetic touch to your pet.

Occasions and festive costumes

One of the most distinctive features of this company is its great interest in special edition costumes such as

Christmas or Easter costumes, national days costumes or even Halloween costumes.

Guinea Pig Costumes

The company has launched a new fashion line of its kind for this year 2019, a special line for rich pigs,

which is known to everyone that it is a pet-friendly human and you can watch this collection from here.

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