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Rottweiler Dog Breed -Secrets, Facts and Traits



It is not desirable to be the first dog in your life
The rottweiler needs wide-ranging socialization of a special and continuous nature to be a good family friend.
However, the intelligence of this dog makes it easier to raise a dog despite its size.

Introduction to Rottweiler breed

The first impression of the rottweiler is always hardness and durability, this is always reasonably true.

Rottweilers are slightly longer than the average length of other large dogs, ranging from 23 inches in females to 28 inches for adult males. Weights range from 82 to 122 pounds, approximately 36 to 56 kilograms.

Rottweilers are distinguished by the magnitude of the body as well as the head, ears tend to the head and maybe in contact with it or hang to a small extent, as well as the muscles are strong and tough.

Rottweilers are always black with tan dots, the fur in the normal state is short, dense and slightly stiff.

A “cute” puppy may appear in the garbage, well, It usually has the worst quality to be inserted into a breeding process and abandoned by its owner.

Rottweilers belong to species that grow slowly, When these puppies reach puberty, their breasts are widened and their size and strength increased.


Rottweilers dogs are more efficient than others in using as guard dogs for home and family. This helps them to communicate well with humans and other dogs.

Of course, males tend to be somewhat aggressive, but this does not deny that they are intelligent, courageous and very active dogs.

Similarities between Rottweilers and Red tri Australian shepherd

Living With

Rottweilers dogs are more efficient than others in using as guard dogs

It is easy for large dog owners to take care of Rottweilers, in fact, continuous training of this type is important as they tend to be obese if they do not train continuously.

Taking care of the coat is not an important priority in caring for this species only once a week is sufficient.

Also, many dogs in this species do not tend to drool, especially large males with large lips.

One of the most important things to keep in mind in raising rottweilers is that they need healthy and continuous socialization to be loyal friends of the family.

Continuous training of this type is essential and must start from the puppy period, as mentioned earlier, courage must also be warned against the misuse of this feature.

Rottweilers love work and exercise and are innately competitive, good at different dog sports.

Caution is a must in all matters, but it is a little bigger while dealing with this type of dog, especially if there are children at home.

In this case, proper breeding of the dog and constant monitoring of its behavior, especially with children, can prevent the owner of the animal from many problems that may occur.

This type must be purchased from reputable breeders because its popularity has led to cross-breeding and the production of unhealthy dogs.

Finally, the shelf life of this type of dog is about 12 years.

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