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Sable German Shepherd Puppies & Dogs



German Shepherd Sable puppies make dogs a charming and wonderful family!

Sable German Shepherd Puppies

Over the past period, many German sable puppies were born puppies who were sold and transported to diverse homes in Massachusetts and throughout America and many other countries as well.

Have you booked your sable puppy!

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How a sable puppy is priced?!

There are many different factors that influence the pricing of a German sable puppy, puppies in all dog breeds around the world and different color patterns.

You will find on the website above, that it is very important to take into account the pros and cons that can appear throughout the life of the dog before buying it as a puppy.

Coat color affects puppy costs…

The color of the puppy has no effect whatsoever on the price of any puppy when buying.

However, there are some who sell some species of a certain color at a higher price than those of the same type but of a different color.

This type of breeder is not safe to buy from them because the quality and overall health of the puppies are in constant doubt and their puppies cannot be trusted.

It is dangerous when non-trustworthy breeders produce blue or green dogs with harmful genetic mutations.

Are the rare colors of the German Shepherd Sable expensive?

As we explained the price is no different whether your puppy is sable or black or red or other.

But as noted, many breeders charge a higher price for their puppy’s rare colors.

Some rare-color puppies earn more than $ 10,000 US only for a puppy of a rare breed.

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