San Marcos Animal Shelter Removed big Number of Pets Last Month

The San Marcos Municipal Animal Shelter is marking the best live-release month in its history with a 98.2 percent live-release result announced for the month of April.


SAN MARCOS, Texas – The San Marcos Municipal Animal Shelter is marking the best live-release month in its history with a 98.2 percent live-release result announced for the month of April. This is attributed to a huge influx of animals moving into new permanent or foster homes during this COVID-19 pandemic when a number of people have had more usable spare time.

“The entire thing has not been perfect, but the way this city has reacted has been very inspiring to us,” Animal Care Manager Jeanne Saadi said. “Our group is lucky to have a wide network of informed, committed fosters, and activists who have made this possible. We’ll strive to maintain this momentum so that such important breakthrough outcomes can become a daily occurrence.”

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Posted by San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter on Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Owing to the COVID-19 disaster, the shelter has been closed to guests, and staff has mobilized the city and implemented innovative outreach programs through interactive matchmaking and social media activities. The shelter has prioritized ensuring sufficient space for temporary accommodation, and people who encounter a friendly stray dog or cat have been urged to use the actual shelter as a last-resort option.

“A big part of our challenge right now is to let people know about alternatives to past shelter drop-offs,” Saadi said. “By effectively retaining and returning the animals to their rightful owners, our community has helped us to recognize our resources and finances for the animals in the safe haven.”

For proprietors trying to surrender their pets, Saadi wishes them to realize there are options available before they take that step.

“A lot of pet owners may be struggling right now, and we want them to reach out to us for support before they make the decision to abandon their pets. We may have some services that can help them keep their pets. Right now, for sure we can give you pet food and pet supplies. Our mission is to keep pets with their families,” Saadi said.

A number of dogs and cats will also have to be treated or fostered, like the 2-12-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Miller. Miller is a long-stay canine and has been inside the shelter on the grounds that a caring home will be used on December 23 and in fact.

“He’s a very good canine, he really doesn’t get along well with smaller animals. His prey control style takes over. Aside from that, he’s top class with puppies of his age. He’s been fostered for a few times and comes back for unusual reasons. He turned left with a rabbit and got a hold of it. but he wouldn’t know it,” Lead shelter technician Sydney Bonnin said. “He’s a splendid gentle, superb candy. They ‘re getting a bad rap, especially pits.”

Miller is a heartworm positive, which adds a challenge, but it’s a really treatable condition with the proper treatment and consideration. He’s also been in and out of foster homes that haven’t worked out well in the past. He hopes that his next trip out of the shelter will be his last.

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