The American Shorthair Cat


“Don’t look beyond American shorthair”

If you are looking for a cat to be your kind companion, a playmate with your children?

It is known that the type has a high average age, strong health, and fun personality,

and loves to play with children and other dogs.

The American Shorthair breed originated from cats settled in Europe and the continent of America.

Historical records indicate that ship captains carried many cats to catch mice

For a considerable period of time, this breed flourished with its owners and finally proved to be the best cats in North America.

Its rat hunting skills have appreciated side by side the beauty of its shape and nature.

In the century before, there was interest in developing this cat in North America and offering it for sale.

One brown-eyed cat was offered for sale for $ 2,400 at the Third Annual Cat Show in Madison Square in 1885.

The Young Breeders’ Association chose to formally recognize this type of cat

(then called the local short cat) as one Of only five breeds registered in 1916.

Breeders of this type of cat in America by obtaining the best cats in terms of qualities and form.

To maintain the overall shape of the cat where it remains the main factor and also to

improve the shape and behavior and amazing colors found in that breed.

This breed was renamed in 1966 to represent Native American characters better and distinguish it from other breeds.

Also, this breed is born for different purposes and its purpose

differs from cats that are randomly reared and can be found on the streets.

Breeders usually provide these cats between 13 and 17 weeks of age.

After thirteen weeks, cats have received basic vaccinations and have the physical and social stability

necessary for breeding in a new home or are displayed or transported in

the air and This kind of Maintaining is essential as this type is considered a treasure.

May occur to the cat is neutering or sterilization and providing a suitable environment for normal behavior of scratching

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