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The importance of average weight on dog health



Determining a dog’s weight is one of the most important features that fundamentally determines dog health.

According to statistics 56 % of dogs in the United States suffer from obesity and weight problems.

Many people evaluate the weight of their dogs based on information from the Internet, and this is a common mistake.

Problems Determining Average Dog Weight

Dogs have different races, species, and species and have different weight and it is difficult to determine the average weights for each breed or species.

Many sources provide information and measurements of average dog weights by type

but they have a lot of problems as they do not care about the sex of the dog and other things.

Labrador, for example, recorded in a laboratory that the average weight of females is about 50 to 80 kilos, which is a very exaggerated range.

Also, mixed species have not determined their average weight range. If the Labrador is a hybrid, you cannot measure it at that average.

A solution to determine the average weight of a dog

Instead of using average weights as a measure of a healthy dog’s weight, it is recommended to use Body Condition Scoring (BCS).

Using physical and visual observations to assess the condition of the body and the degree of distance or proximity to the ideal body index.

A veterinarian uses this technique to determine if your dog is overweight or underweight.

Weight gain solutions

If your dog weight gain is based on using the above-mentioned diet, your doctor will likely tell you to

follow a healthy diet system to reach an ideal healthy weight. More about dog health and others watch it here.

Dog underweight solutions

Some may think that the problem of overweight is the most important and may even

some of the owners of dogs focus on the proportions of increase and do not care about thinness in dogs.

In case your dog is diagnosed with a veterinarian that he is thin, prefer to give your dog food with a lot of calories to help him gain weight again.

It is also preferable to give your dog a lot of supplements and can be given to human food

as well as all this helps to gain weight again and make him in good health

The treating veterinarian should be consulted.

The myth of “average weight”

Finally, dear, you should know that the idea of “average” in this case is a very common myth in people

and has no scientific basis at all if applied to animal health

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