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Top 10 suspicious dog research-Part 2



Dog life and events. Let’s complete the most critical research that penetrate the hidden dog world.

If you do not read the first part, read it to understand what is going on here ?!

5- Stone Age Dog

Scientists have discovered 24 skulls in the Neolithic tombs of the islands of Scotland, Their burial dates to 4500 years.

Scientists wanted to find out the shape of the old Scottish dog using 3D laser skull techniques in 2019.

The results came as astonishing. It turned out that it was skulls of what looked like wolves.

Old domestic dogs that resembled gray wolves living in northern Europe.

4-Rare dogs


Dogs have been not found in New Guinea for a long time.

They found what has been described as a footprint of the Guinean dog that has been discovered

in the highlands of New Guinea between 2005,2012.

Hidden cameras were placed carefully.

The camera took more than 150 pictures of wild dogs of various types within two days.

DNA tests revealed that these species of dogs are one of the oldest species on earth where

this species lived on the island for nearly 6,000 years.

5-Flirting with eyebrows

In 2019, researchers discovered that dogs evolved to mimic human emotions such as flirting with eyebrows.

Dogs took advantage of the total absence of wolves from their domesticated life and with their development,

they were able to control the muscles around the eyes,

which enables her to court the owner and even have his heart in one movement of her eyes.

2-Intensive Dog Training Program

Established in 1997, a training program for dogs to investigate, explore

and even rescue wild animals, especially the endangered species.

The program provides a powerful way to gather data and information about endangered animals,

allowing scientists to identify personal details that can reveal the age of the animal,

the stage of pregnancy, diet and the health system of the endangered animal.

1-Dogs use the Earth’s magnetic field

We all know that birds use in their migration the magnetic field of the Earth, but

do you know dear reader that dogs also do so?

In an experiment conducted on 70 dogs of 37 different breeds to record and observe their defecation habits

where the results showed that when the magnetic field of the earth was quiet preferred dogs defecation north and south,

while most dogs did not prefer defecation east or west.

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