Top 10 suspicious dog research


A world of secrets within their world? It’s the dog world gentlemen.

Scientists have recently discovered very strange facts and stories about it.

Dog special muscles are hidden to manipulate humans as well as influence people by exploiting the planet’s magnetic field.

What about dogs that track predators or help hunters?

Well, you got my attention what nonsense?

10- Dog Hunt Hunters

Matt Brunch and his companions went duck hunting in Labrador and of course, he had his friend Tito.

Unfortunately, there was a weapon in the back and the safety was on.

The crowd arrived at the hunting place and started to move suddenly the dog Tito jumps back and somehow enters his leg in the trigger and shot the Matt.

The shot moved from the side of the car to settle in the thigh of Matt.

After several surgeries, he was forced to amputate his leg.

9- Oil Rig Rescue dog!

Workers at an oil refinery at sea, 220 kilometers away,

rescued a dog that was desperately swimming in this place far from any coast or island.

The workers were shocked by what they saw, as it was something that no one expected in this place

and soon came down to the water to save him, dried, fed, heated, drinking water

and workers took memorial photos of the incident that does not happen every day

8-Dog of Broken Hearts

Joey Simpson from Texas went through a severe crisis where her child was going through a very critical surgery,

she was suffering from major mortgage problems that threatened to lose the house,

in addition to the loss of her daughter-in-law.

More importantly

The Yorkshire dog was suffering from heart failure and had no treatment.

A date for euthanasia was set and when the date came,

it was canceled because the dog had died naturally.

Has the dog died sadness on the owner?

It is not possible to say for sure, but recent scientific research has shown that sadness is one of the most important factors that can lead to any fatal heart attacks.

7-Dogs love hereditary

Scientists often ask whether dog love is inherited or acquired, In 2019, Sweden was the best place to study.

Sweden has the best records of dogs at the Ministry of Agriculture,

The study aimed to compare genetic, behavioral and environmental data between dogs and their different types.

As for the results

The models show that genetic and environmental factors can have the same effect depending on the dog itself.

6- Robot for mail

Scientific advancement is amazing in our modern times, as a subsidiary of Google has created robots

in the form of dogs to do the task of delivering mail to people instead of human couriers.

In any case

The company was not very clear about how to combat the theft of these robots when they do their job to deliver mail to their owners

Top 10 suspicious dog research-Part 2

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