Wet food and general dog health


Have you ever ask yourself whether dog food is good for dog health, especially wet food??

Well, dear dry food and wet food have multiple benefits both different from the other.

If you decide to turn your dog’s diet from dry to wet, these are some things to keep in mind before doing so.

The benefits of WetFood for the dog


According to various studies, most dogs and many of them prefer wet canned food to granulated dry food.

So if your dog is unwilling to eat dry, granular food, you may consider giving him WetFood as an alternative to dry dog food.


Well, WetFood has a higher moisture content than dry food, which keeps the dog’s body moist.

Nutritional balance

All dog food contains all the nutrients the dog needs for healthy growth.

Well here, of course, we talk about live food that comes from a well-known and reliable source such as companies known in the manufacture of dog food.

Dear reader, you should know that when you feed your dog WetFood, the dog gets all his nutritional needs for good health and healthy natural growth.

What to consider when switching to WetFood

Sudden change in the type of food may result in multiple problems, to avoid those problems

the change of food should be in stages within several days gradually.

WetFood is gradually incorporated into dry dog food by reducing the amount of dry food each day.

In the case of a sudden shift of food from wet to dry, this may cause problems at the level of the dog’s digestive system.

The other thing is that wet food is different in keeping and presented to the dog from dry food

as it should not pass a large period outside the box after opening it because it is more likely to spoil.

You should consider cleaning your dog’s teeth after eating, as wet eating has a greater impact on the health and safety of teeth than dry food.

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