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What is The Cat Meme? and Why Is That Woman Yelling?



The year 2019 gave us a change of season and a new MeMe: “The Screaming Woman in the Cat”, known in social media as “Cat MeMe”.

The pervasive viral image is the blending of a blonde actress shouting and screaming at a confused white cat sitting in front of a vegetable dish like the mafia bosses among her men.

After meme spread all over the world, investigated the “housewife” of Beverly Hills’ housewives, who participated in their reaction to meme currently in social media circles.

The leaves are falling one after the other, and with the first real snowfall of the year in certain parts of the world, the Internet seemed to have a new Meme people fell in love with.

Two images are side-by-side with a woman crying eyes shouting and screaming and her friends holding her, while an angry cat sits especially as the evil mafia bosses.

Yes, the Internet is in love with Meme Woman Yelling At A Cat. This phenomenon proves its acceptance among the people.

Which has appeared prominently in Halloween costumes 2019 this year

But what is it, and how has it become so popular among humans?

Well, first of all, the beginning of M is due to chance.

The images in America were first used individually as quantities in their own right, but once assembled, they became like magic in human minds.

So if you ask how this happened, we have explained it to you, finding the best examples on the Internet.

And even talking to the famous L-heroine, Taylor Armstrong.

Here’s all we know about women screaming in the most famous images of 2019.

–Watch Video From Here–

Where did “The Cat Meme” start?

This meme originated from the 2012 episode of The Real Housewives, where the Oprah mag member Taylor.

She found herself in an emotional confrontation with her housewife Camille, her friend and co-worker in the context of the series at the time.

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