Why should you watch the Netflix’s “Dogs”!


Netflix may be one of the greatest companies currently in its field and of course its main goal is profits and more profits. but all this does not matter to us much as they have made a documentary series about one of the most loved creatures to all of our hearts which are Netflix’s “Dogs”.

Netflix’s “Dogs” series takes us on a journey of six dogs living in different parts of the world

Syria, Japan, Canada, CostaRica, Italy and the United States.

For example, on Netflix’s “Dogs” the first episode of the first season – waiting the second season- told us the story of the girl “Corinne” who suffered from heart attacks.

Her life changed drastically when she met the trained dog “Rory”

and in other episodes in a different country show you how the dog may have a role to reunion The family which was dispersed during the war in Syria.

Why so many different countries on Netflix’s “Dogs” ?!

The series deals with stories from other angles and different cultures and I think that the reason behind this diversity can be to open cultures

and civilizations on each other or maybe the goal of diversity in the series only in order to have the largest public base in the level of many multicultural countries.

Is season 2 soon ?!

ًIn fact, there was a lot of news that Netflix started preparing for the second season and is looking to bring many more dogs into the champions next season – your dog may be the next star.

“We have a lot of enthusiasm because we back for the second season of ‘dogs‘.” Executive producers Glenn and Amy Berg said in a joint press release.

However, Netflix’s “Dogs” is not yet announced the released time of the next season of “dogs,” but we are “dogs” lovers are very excited and waiting for the next season, and if you did not watch the first season yet !! hurry up now to watch it ‘you miss a lot of fun here’.

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